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Corporate Announcements


2.April 2009, attend "Hong Kong Gifts & Gift Exhibition"

3.February 2009, the company's activities –Outreach activities in 大鵬老虎山

4.October, 2008 , Awarded Chinese brand name

5.July, 2008 , Presented Medical device manufacturers license

6.June, 2008 "A factory for one year an environmental protection project" plan is hosted by the Hong Kong Federation of Industries, won the Pearl River Delta Environmental Awards, and selected as the Green Plan Company

7.May , 2008 , 512 Sichuan earthquake, Enthusiastic about social welfare, awarded a Certificate of advanced enterprises of civilization (love the earthquake zone, to dedicate love, the value of donated items is more than 350,000 dollars

8.December, 2007, Environmental quality non-woven of National Bridge Industrial (Holdings) Ltd., award-winning National Quality exemption

9.October, 2007 , attend "Asia International Nonwovens Material Exhibition"

10.December, 2006 ,Won the Silver Award in Shenzhen Enterprise new record and the " Contribution Award of circular economy"

11.July, 2006 , Award of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University "Founding Life Member PolyU Development Foundation" certificate

12.2005, awarded a certificate of advanced enterprises (non-woven materials of technological progress, innovation)

13.2003 SARS, donated mouth masks supplies to the social institutions, won the certificate of Economic and Trade Commission of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Pharmaceutical Profession Association during SARS. It’s a Significant achievements for fighting SARS, makes an important contribution as a model unit

14.New products launched. (Marnix) ─ this flexibility with PP spunbond non-woven cloth or PE film, the use of ultrasound, high-frequency, or hot combined methods, no need to use glue, and it can be applied to baby diapers, training pants, or adult diapers or pants side elastic edge of the device, or protective clothing such as surgical sleeve clothing and hats. Reduction devices can be widely used in a variety of products, all flexible device features can use this non-woven fabric

Action Nonwovens Company Limited
  Action Nonwovens Co. Ltd. established in Hong Kong in 1985 which is under the umbrella of National Bridge Industrial (Holdings) Ltd. It plays a vital role for trading business in Hong Kong.In the brand name of NBI, our business covers manufacturing PP, PET spunbond, non-woven fabrics and finishing converted products. That is one- stop service could be provided by us from raw material to end use products.
The advantages of non-woven fabrics:

  Continuation of the trend of industrial product development in twentieth century, environmental consciousness in the role of the next millennium will be strongly respected. Manufacturers would add the concept of environmental protection into product design and promotion, PP spunbond non-woven fabric is one of the best choices for designers and consumers to choose.

Recyclable materials
   PP non-woven mainly contains polypropylene which is recyclable and natural bio-corruption, it can be completely incinerated and will not produce toxic gases on the environment which cause pollution, comply with modern environmental requirements as well.

Good application properties
    PP non-woven fabric possesses the properties of good chemical resistance , water repellent, ventilation, flame-retardant, good tenacity and flexibility, and PP is a non-toxic material, pest control, moth control, moisture-proof properties, does not stimulate the human body, is extremely suitable for the industry of handbag, shoes, household items and medical and health supplies as well as agro-farming. PP can absolutely reduce the reliance on harmful material to the environment.

Reasonable Price
End of the twentieth century, due to the assistance of advanced high-tech equipment, the technology of making PP spunbond non-woven become mature. Since raw materials PP can be easily extracted, application cost can be greatly reduced, therefore enhance their competitiveness.

  With all the above advantages providing that the manufacturing process of PP spunbond nonwoven interlining cause to harm on earth , we should recommend that polypropylene itself is the best choice of recycle material.

New Products
spunbonded n
Spunbonded nonwoven fabric, gram weight of 12-200 and width within 320cm, various colors, with multi-purpose, such as fire and bacteria resistance, and softness. Call us for details.
PE composite

Manufacture PE composite nonwoven fabric of various colors according to clients’ requirements. Call us for details.

spunbonded n
Manufacture spunbonded nonwoven fabric according to clients’ requirements. Welcome to call us.


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